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Course Information

I have limited spaces for classes at my home - small groups of  up to 6 persons.
I offer a range of courses and workshops to art groups and associations, corporate groups, gite owners and their guests - please get in touch
 to discuss your requirements.
On-line courses include - Watercolour Foundation Course
                                           - A Project a Month (Monthly Project Subscription Course)
                                           - Drawing for Beginners

What will I learn?

My teaching is based on traditional formal values - colour, tone, form, line, perspective, shape, space. It is not a 'colour-by-numbers' activity!

Teaching is delivered through a variety of projects, subject matter is tailored to the interests of the student/group and is generally skills/observation based. You will not be influenced to adopt a particular 'style' but you will be encouraged to develop your own unique style. 

You are welcome to come and have a coffee and a chat about the classes before enrolling.

Available Courses

  • Foundation Course - in-person and online. All the basic techniques, materials etc

  • Beginner Groups - in person - regular sessions, learning and developing skills.

  • Improver Groups - in person for more experienced artists who enjoy a challenge!

  • Monthly Project - on-line only. A subscription course with a monthly challenge.

  • Drawing - in-person and on-line. Developing skills - looking, recording, accuracy.

  • Creative History of Art - in-person. Art history through mark making. 

  • Workshops - Occasional one or two day workshops on a specific subject.

Large drawing day.
Drawing session
Nature studies
Nature studies
Laurenan colour session
Flower pattern and colour
Nature studies
Bilhaut session
Fun in Gomene
Sue Taylor - contextual studies
Life drawing
Beginner landscapes
Ereac mens group
Joan Beale's Momento Mori
Technical exercises
Betty Walsh Memento Mori
Negative painting
Hands - tonal mapping
Sylvie Cullen 'Isms project
Turner group
LVP group
Beginner portraits - mixing flesh to
Art Surgery
Vicki Phillips 'Isms project
Negative painting workshop
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