Originally from Dorset in the South of England, I live on a few hectares in rural Brittany with a whole host of amusing animals (including my husband).  In the UK  I taught Fine Art at HE and Ceramics and Graphic Design at FE. I was also honoured to be a trainer/demonstrator for  American ceramic supply company (Gare Inc), a role which entailed teaching ceramic techniques and firing processes. I don't exhibit so much these days but previous exhibitions include  Le Chapel Josselin, Hot Bath Gallery (Bath), Menier Gallery (London Southbank), Brick Lane (London), AUCB Gallery (Bournemouth) and in America -Boston, Chicago and Florida.
Qualifications include - PGCE, BA(hons) Fine Art, Fellow AHE
You can join me on a course or workshop here in Brittany or online.

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